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Diversamente Coding: coding for improving social inclusion

The project focuses on: DEVELOPING AN ADULTS’ TRAINING COURSE FOR PEOPLE SPECIALIZED IN “DIVERSELY CODING” PEOPLE WITH HEARING DISABILITY. It aims at promoting social inclusion focusing on the development of the digital competences with hearing disability, not teaching them a simply passive use of the digital devices, but enabling them to code and learn actively READ MORE >

DIGIT, boost competences for a responsible use of online identity

DIGIT “Boost competences for a responsible use of online identity” is strongly based on the need of adult citizens to easily understand concepts related to the digital identity, i.e. the image and the behaviour they have when using the most common tools on the internet (emails, social networks, e-commerce etc.). Project main goals can be summarized READ MORE >

Foster, mUltiply and connecT adUlt Edcation

Foster, mUltiply and connecT adUlt Edcation – FUTURE is a project for the exchange of good practices that aims to create a favorable environment in the field of adult education, in order to fully embrace digital education. More in details, the project aims to analyze and understand possible future scenarios in the field of adult READ MORE >

AUDID – AdUlts, Data and emerging IDentities

AUDID is a two-year project co-funded by the European Commission with the Erasmus plus programme. The strategic partnership targets the adult education, with the main aim of enhancing awareness in adults on the subject of online identity through development of practical and comprehensible training/ tools. Those training and tools will be educating people to protect READ MORE >