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New internship opportunities for young digital learners

Information and Communication Technology affects today every aspect of our relationship with the outside world,    from leisure and social interaction to employment and professional requirements. As a consequence, the need for digital skills and proper ICT competences is steadily rising, in line with the most recent technological advancements and their pervasive social diffusion. Digital READ MORE >

Who really knows what E-LEARNING is and where is it from?

Quite simply, E-LEARNING stands for “electronic learning”, namely using a digital device  to teach, train and learn. Literally, according to The Economic Times, E-LEARNING is «a learning system based on formalised teaching but with the help of electronic resources». On the basis of this, it would seem E-LEARNING is something really new and novel…but it READ MORE >

Are we Europeans a digital society?

The answer from the European Digital Progress Report (2016) Europe’s Digital Progress Report (EDPR – DG CONNECT May 2016) presents a set of horizontal chapters analysing developments in five different aspects (connectivity, digital skills, use of Internet, Integration of Digital Technology by businesses, Digital Public Services) and of a set of country reports with country READ MORE >