Smart cities: an innovation for the urban environment

The smart city is a new concept, a new way of life to develop the urbanism. It refers to the use of new technologies and ICT in cities to increase the quality of life of citizens. It also focuses on the ecosystems to make the cities less polluting, greener! 

The European Commission is defining the smart cities as “technological solutions to improve the management and efficiency of the urban environment” and also as “a place where traditional networks and services are made more efficient with the use of digital and telecommunication technologies for the benefit of its inhabitants and business“. 

When the term “smart cities” is evocated, it can deal with many different elements: 

  • electronic cars, bike-sharing, electronic kick-scooter
  • e-governance, e-administration
  • building with solar roof, smarter building construction
  • water supply, recycle waste
  • citywide WI-FI

Those adjustments are enhancing the use of IoT (Internet of Things) to a faster transmission of information, to make the cities safer and to respond to the need of the citizens as quickly as possible. It also creates a hyper-connected society: the devices are all connected around and, in the cities, but also the houses. The smart cities are developed in all Europe, thanks to this innovation the “gas emissions, which have a huge impact on climate change” is reducing step by step and it helps the 75% of European to live in a healthier environment. 

The European project “Count Me In” is supporting the smart cities development by encouraging adult and educators learners to improve their civic competencies through digital tools. The areas this Erasmus + project is targeting are: 

  • water management
  • waste management
  • energy management 
  • urban mobility
  • e-governance
  • citizens services
  • data mining
  • access for all

Count Me In is a project open to learners and educators, you can have more information about it on

The knowledge platform Smart Cities Information System (SCIS) is a place where “exchange data, experience and know-how and to collaborate on the creation of smart cities, providing a high quality of life for its citizens in a clean, energy-efficient and climate-friendly urban environment“. Knowing about how the cities we live in are evolving, inform itself on how, as a European citizen, can make some change in your daily life and your city to make it better is essential.