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L-Cloud: Developing tomorrow’s educational cloud leaders

European program ERASMUS+ “L-Cloud: Developing tomorrow’s educational cloud leaders” The above named EU funded project started on 1st of October 2018 under the coordination of the European Association of Career Guidance. The purpose of the project is to educate teachers to teach and manage schools under Cloud System. The project will review the literature and READ MORE >

DIGIT: Boost competences for a responsible use of online identity

DIGIT is strongly based on the need of adult citizens to easily understand concepts related to the digital identity, i.e. the image and the behavior they have when using the most common tools on the internet (emails, social networks, e-commerce, etc.). Therefore the main scope of the project is to create educational contents and adult READ MORE >

Enhancing Learning In Teaching via e-inquiries 

ELITe  aims to provide digital professional learning opportunities for secondary teachers’ competence development.  The project wants to develop, deploy, evaluate and disseminate an innovative approach for teachers’ professional learning via inquiry methodology. The outcomes of the project will be the development of an evidence-based framework for teacher’s competence development that can inform curriculum design for READ MORE >

Disconnected, discouraged, disenabled? Let’s code!

Stopping school drop-outs is one of the significant challenges EC is tackling with: Being early school leaving linked to unemployment, social exclusion, and poverty, there are many reasons why some young people give up education and training prematurely: personal or family problems, learning difficulties, or a fragile socio-economic situation. DIS-CODE aims to train students at READ MORE >