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Online identities and social network

The Social Network is surrounding us for years due to the digitalization of information. It forced people to create the construction of identities, online identities. The online identities are related to the information available online about one person, such as:  name, date of birth, pictures and videos, activities,  likes, comments, hobbies and more It is READ MORE >

The digital identity, our online portrait

The digital identity is linked to the information about a person, a company, an association or an object available online. It is mostly referring to a person and its profile. The digital identity has been more developed with the digitalization of information. It gives us the possibility to have any kind of data about a READ MORE >

AUDID – AdUlts, Data and emerging IDentities

AUDID is a two-year project co-funded by the European Commission with the Erasmus plus programme. The strategic partnership targets the adult education, with the main aim of enhancing awareness in adults on the subject of online identity through development of practical and comprehensible training/ tools. Those training and tools will be educating people to protect READ MORE >