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Rethinking rural tourism through Augmented Reality: The AUREA4RURAL project

Augmented Reality gives the possibility to enhance search experiences by providing engaging and interactive information. With innovative mobile apps, these augmented experiences can be extended to travelers, easing their travel search and building up trust. According to the experts’ opinion embracing the power of Augmented Reality can boost the travel and tourism industry. DLEARN, as READ MORE >

Who really knows what E-LEARNING is and where is it from?

Quite simply, E-LEARNING stands for “electronic learning”, namely using a digital device  to teach, train and learn. Literally, according to The Economic Times, E-LEARNING is «a learning system based on formalised teaching but with the help of electronic resources». On the basis of this, it would seem E-LEARNING is something really new and novel…but it READ MORE >

FOSS4SMEs – Free Open Source Software for SMEs

FOSS4SMEs aims to equip European SMEs with the skills and competences to properly use Free and Open Source Software, so to improve their digital performances and competitiveness. To reach this objective, the project intends to develop a free online educational resource for managers and staff of existing SMEs of start – ups, to allow them READ MORE >

AUREA4RURAL : Novel digital tool and embedded learning approach for the use of augmented reality in rural tourism and related sectors

AUREA4RURAL aims to create an innovative digital Augmented Reality platform for the rural tourism sector along with a training content according to the competences of the staff working in this sector businesses: managers of public Natural Parks, rural hotels and restaurants, companies providing leisure activities, culture or environment departments from rural towns and villages. This READ MORE >