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Networking Events

In the spirit of our established tradition spanning the last two years of vibrant Network activities, we are delighted to announce that two networking online events were held in November and December 2023 in the framework of Digit Edu 2023. Following the well-received MEET-CONNECT-COLLABORATE format from 2022, the first event was, in fact, dedicated to READ MORE >

Digit Edu 2023

  Digit Edu 2023 (Promoting cooperation and research to address the digital needs in the area of education and training in Europe–Year 1) is a project funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ programme, Civil Society Cooperation in the fields of Youth, Education and Training. European Digital Learning Network ETS (DLEARN) participates in this READ MORE >

ROMOTICS – Autonomous mobile robots in Industry 5.0

Across all industries, manufacturers and their warehouse service providers are constantly looking for process optimisation to address challenges such as labour shortages, increased competition, and the need for agile production as well as quick deliveries. AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) have become an efficient means of automating internal transport tasks for companies worldwide in just a READ MORE >