Networking Events

In the spirit of our established tradition spanning the last two years of vibrant Network activities, we are delighted to announce that two networking online events were held in November and December 2023 in the framework of Digit Edu 2023. Following the well-received MEET-CONNECT-COLLABORATE format from 2022, the first event was, in fact, dedicated to policy areas, while the second one offered the opportunity to understand key features of the new Erasmus+ call. It goes without saying that the two events also included a strong session for encountering and networking with fellow stakeholders in the educational and projects world.

The 1st networking event named “Meet-Connect-Collaborate: Digital Education Policies” was organised by the staff of Dlearn starting with the primary step of Clearly outlining the purpose of the event and establishing specific goals and objectives. In particular, the first out of two online networking wanted to offer the occasion for participants and education stakeholders to meet online and establish new potential collaborations to boost Cooperation in the area of education and training, to favour the Exchange of information and good practices and to offer attendees access to current trends and opportunities in the field.

Read the report of the first online networking event HERE.

The Dlearn staff arranged also the second networking event, “Meet-Connect-Collaborate: The New Erasmus+ call; features and specifics,” beginning with the fundamental stage of explicitly describing the aim of the event and creating precise goals and objectives. DLEARN personnel then chose a primary thematic area to focus the online networking event on and contacted an expert as the day’s speaker: two policy officials from DG EAC were chosen and invited as speakers after creating the concept/theme that links into the event’s goal.

Check out the report of the second online networking event HERE.