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Digital Education in Europe

Digital Education is one of the most essential topics of the European Digital Learning Network. One of our aims is to continuously boost European education and enhancing the awareness of European citizens towards the impact of digitalisation in their daily life.  The use of digital has a big impact on the field of employability. For READ MORE >

Foster, mUltiply and connecT adUlt Edcation

Foster, mUltiply and connecT adUlt Edcation – FUTURE is a project for the exchange of good practices that aims to create a favorable environment in the field of adult education, in order to fully embrace digital education. More in details, the project aims to analyze and understand possible future scenarios in the field of adult READ MORE >


On 14-15 June Brussels will host the annual European Validation Festival, which will gather around 250 practitioners, experts, policy makers, social partners and users from the business world. Organizations of  adult education and VET from all over Europe  will meet to discuss policies and practices, the state of validation of informal and non-formal learning and READ MORE >

“What do you think about the future of digital Education and Training in EU?” – The report for our survey is out today!

Digitalisation is bringing about sweeping changes in the Education & Training sector, as Internet is now the principal enabling mechanism by which students assemble, spread ideas and detect economic opportunities. In the 21st century, the integration of technology within the education sector can fundamentally transform how learning is received and delivered. Technology in the digital era has READ MORE >