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FREE to CODE: a innovative project to support the inclusion of inmates in a digital society!

The European project Free to Code implemented a training program in Coding for inmates aged between 18-60 years old, through a methodology of non-formal and informal learning. The program addressed from digital literacy up to the basics of Coding and aimed to improve their job opportunities and for successful reentry through business and technology training. READ MORE >

Digital Education in Europe

Digital Education is one of the most essential topics of the European Digital Learning Network. One of our aims is to continuously boost European education and enhancing the awareness of European citizens towards the impact of digitalisation in their daily life.  The use of digital has a big impact on the field of employability. For READ MORE >

Diversamente Coding: coding for improving social inclusion

The project focuses on: DEVELOPING AN ADULTS’ TRAINING COURSE FOR PEOPLE SPECIALIZED IN “DIVERSELY CODING” PEOPLE WITH HEARING DISABILITY. It aims at promoting social inclusion focusing on the development of the digital competences with hearing disability, not teaching them a simply passive use of the digital devices, but enabling them to code and learn actively READ MORE >

FREE TO CODE has been launched!

The European Digital Learning Network is the Italian partner of a new transnational project with a big social impact: using digital skills and computer programming as a means of human development that can help adult European prisoners to re-enter society with a resale expertise! Please have a look to the links here below to know READ MORE >