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Small businesses are in general more vulnerable and have less opportunities to compete with large transnational companies while also tackling the adverse effects of climate change and seasonality. Innovative digital solutions can provide efficient ways to overcome these challenges, especially for the companies located in the rural areas, but people (owners, managers, employees) involved tend READ MORE >

Sexual abuse in the COVID-19 era: How can parents protect their child?

Sexual child abuse can happen anywhere, both in-person and online, and is related to many different factors. Reports show that during the COVID-19 pandemic the online risks of sexual abuse have notably increased, as both children and adults spend more time online, while physical distancing has restricted contact and interaction between children and supportive adults, READ MORE >

Are you ready to become the next Cybersecurity Officer?

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, within its Threat Landscape Reports 2020 “Emerging Trends” and “The year in review”, as well a significant number of scholars agree on the fact that cybersecurity incidents are drastically increasing in recent years. According to the data released in the 9th Annual Report by Accenture on the “Cost of READ MORE >