“What do you think about the future of digital Education and Training in EU?” – The report for our survey is out today!

Digitalisation is bringing about sweeping changes in the Education & Training sector, as Internet is now the principal enabling mechanism by which students assemble, spread ideas and detect economic opportunities. In the 21st century, the integration of technology within the education sector can fundamentally transform how learning is received and delivered. Technology in the digital era has created a new level of personalised learning, a democratic methodology which – in order to be effective – has to be governed by people geared with the appropriate set of skills.

What do you think about the future of Digital Education and Training in EU?” is a self-sustained survey promoted by the European Digital Learning Network – DLEARN – over the past months to collect opinions, doubts, hopes and views about the impact produced on the field of Education & Training by the fast and steady process of digital transformation. More than 1000 people working in VET, Higher, School or Adult Education have been allowed to have their say and share their opinion through our ad-hoc questionnaire, with the aim of making their voices be heard by EU institutions and all the European countries.

The mission of DLEARN originates from two fundamental figures: 47% of Europeans appears to be not properly digitally skilled, while in the near future 90% of jobs will require some level of digital skills. We work very hard to overturn this negative ratio, believing in the value of sharing, connectingmultiplying and enhancing the potential of our members, local territories and people.

A successful Education & Training in our knowledge society depends increasingly on the confident, competent and innovative use of ICT. With this survey, our objective was to understand the point of view of professionals in Education & Training adopting a bottom-up approach, thus to collect a feedback that will be shared among all relevant players in this field.

The questionnaire investigated different issues which are shaping education nowadays, analysing them through the lenses of its 4 main sectors – Adult Education, Higher Education, School education, Vocational Education and Training. Ultimately, our aim was to deliver a comprehensive picture of the situation in these sectors, so to understand needs, problems, practices and possible improvements. The statistical results, both from a qualitative and quantitative point of view, have been analysed with the purpose of drafting recommendations for the education sector and, most importantly, for that of digital education.

We see this report as an interactive resource, whose impact may be widened by the valuable contributions of our readers. For this reason, we warmly invite you to read it carefully and provide us with your feedback, embracing thus our challenge!

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