FOSS4SMEs – Free Open Source Software for SMEs

FOSS4SMEs aims to equip European SMEs with the skills and competences to properly use Free and Open Source Software, so to improve their digital performances and competitiveness. To reach this objective, the project intends to develop a free online educational resource for managers and staff of existing SMEs of start – ups, to allow them uptake the open software digital transformation.

The course will be freely available to individual students (managers and staff of SMEs) and will be used by public and private bodies providing support, consultancy and training to businesses, which will be able to organize training courses using the results of the project. The project also aims to facilitate recognition and transferability of competences, thus mobility, by implementing the ECVET system to the professional profile of the FOSS Business User (FOSS – BU).

Project main outcomes include:

  1. The definition of the ECVET curriculum of FOSS Business users. As a proper European standard on FOSS education for business is missing, the project intends to provide a reference curriculum to allow international recognition of skills and competences at European level, favouring transparency and mobility, in view of a better employability of SMEs staff.
  2. SMEs staff will become familiar with the use of FOSS in their business activities, hosted on a distant learning platform and freely available as open educational resource.
  3. A policy recommendation Report addressed to decision – makers and VET  providers to promote digital migration to FOSS among European SMEs.

DLEARN will play a key role in the development of the e-learning course and the assessment exercises to evaluate and fine–tune the course. The areas of activity for the training development include project management, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), accounting/invoicing, cloud/backup, mailing, office productivity suite, operative system.

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