DIGIT, boost competences for a responsible use of online identity

DIGIT “Boost competences for a responsible use of online identity” is strongly based on the need of adult citizens to easily understand concepts related to the digital identity, i.e. the image and the behaviour they have when using the most common tools on the internet (emails, social networks, e-commerce etc.). Project main goals can be summarized as follow:

  • Educate and shape up aware families by making them “responsible consumers” of the web.  
  • Help adult educators in the understanding of digital issues, implications, side effects and misuse to guide adults.
  • Help parents and older adults to raise responsible future digital citizens.
  • Help citizens understand the “value” of what they publish online.
  • Provide the right instruments for citizens in order to promote conscious use of the broader concept of “online identity”.

In order to achieve its goals, DIGIT will realize tools and activities capable to actively engage adults and raise their awareness. In particular:

  • The MANIFESTO for a competent and intelligent management of online identity which represents the guidelines for adult educators to structure courses on DIGITAL FOOTPRINT.
  • Training contents and tools to support adults in the learning process on HOW TO STAY SAFE ONLINE and raise responsible children.
  • Open access to high level training contents.
  • Building up of strong local network of interest among adults’ people, civil society organizations, public entities and volunteer organizations which will boost the community competences toward a safer use of the internet.

The partnership is composed by different type of organizations which covers the multidisciplinary aspects of the project. Adult training organizations, online identity and tools experts, research center experienced in assessing educational provisions and european networks. The consortium also represents an important geographical area of Europe: Poland, Italy, Greece, Belgium UK, Spain and Slovenia. This will allow to impact on the acquisition of skills related to digital identity for the adult people but also the increase of awareness in the community as a whole.

Website: https://digitproject.eu/wp/