Digital education for European adults

We often hear that the future begins with the young generations! Also that adults do not understand and follow the new digital trends and doesn’t know how to use digital tools or surf on online platforms. 

However, adults need to know how to use digital tools and learn at least the basic of the digital revolution to fit in. In reality, they are searching and asking to learn more, to be trained to be autonomous when they have to navigate online.

In Europe, adult learning is crucial to the future of Digital. There are many programs focus on helping European adults to raise their digital skills for personal or professional matters but also to be more active as a European citizen! 

The Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe, commonly known as EPALE is a European program. It aims at promoting “more and better learning opportunities for all adults” to help them increase their professional skills across Europe. Adult learning is at the heart of this program, and its community is active on different matters to boos a better Europe. More info on!

Furthermore, FUTURE (Foster, mUltiply and connecT adUlt Education) is a European project funded within the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission. This project seeks to increase the adult digital education in Europe. Some adults are facing difficulties to work with, understand the utilities of digital tools, devices or programs. The European consortium of this project has created innovative adaptable, free and online materials for adults to make them embrace the digital revolution and feel more comfortable with the digital age. 

The EU policy in the field of adult learning has an important place at the European Commission. The digital revolution modified some job post which requires new skills to the adult. It is the reason why one of the focus within this policy is to understand “how to respond to challenges in the field of adult learning” through actions and initiatives all around Europe!

At the European Digital Learning Network, we think that adults must-have digital skills, knowledge to use digital tools because the young European are growing into a digital world. The youth are facing things that only adults are aware of and control. To protect them, to reduce the use of digital devices, but also to be on the same level as them to understand them, adults need to start using digital tools that are around them.