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Digital Education

Author: Chiara Pettarin, Project assistant, Banking Cooperation for Europe – GEIE Digital transformation has changed society and the economy with an increasingly profound impact on everyday life, demonstrating the need to increase the digital capacity levels of education, training systems and institutions. Having digital skills and competences are becoming all more relevant, especially in the READ MORE >

Industrial Robots and Industry 4.0

Authors: Ioanna Matouli, Researcher and Dr. Jovana, Milenkovic, R&D Manager, Atlantis Engineering S.A. The application of new and cutting-edge technologies in the field of manufacturing, service and communications is gaining ground more and more. The main principle of the fourth industrial evolution is the organizational efficiency. Undoubtedly, Robotics is one of the innovative technologies used READ MORE >

Educating has never been easy

Educating has never been easy, in a world that changes faster and faster it becomes even more complex. Understanding the social context in which the educational action is grafted becomes essential for building an effective and effective didactic action. Often teachers are asked to use new technologies and new teaching methods without providing them with READ MORE >