ACTIvE Job Coach: enhancing the social integration of young people with autism spectrum disorder

The project ACTIvE-JOB COACH assessed the current state-of-the-art regarding the inclusion of ASD students within job contexts and aimed to give a count promoting social inclusion starting with school education through a holistic approach: the main objective was the social integration of young people with autism spectrum disorder and the development of innovative practices for inclusion across Europe. Indeed, the employment rate of young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Europe is less than 10 %, a severe risk factor for social exclusion.

The consortium partners are all heavily involved in training with people with disabilities or their trainers: Portuguese Association for Developmental Disorders and Autism of Coimbra (APPDA Coimbra), Portuguese Association for Social Inclusion and Employment (APEA), PLATON M.E.P.E. (Greece), School Inspectorate of Iasi county (Romania), Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry / РТИК (Bulgaria), ENFOR (Italy) and us, the European Digital Learning Network ETS (Italy).

The Project started on 12/12/2019 and ended on 31/08/2022. Over these 3 years, the consortium has met and debated to create the appropriate tools to support students with autism in the transition from high school to the workplace:

  1. Curriculum with the skills needed by educators, teachers, psychologists and professionals to become a Job Coach;
  2. The creation of 7 modules describing the core knowledge for the Job Coach. They can be viewed and downloaded in the Social Learning Environment;
  3. C1- Summer Camp-Train the Trainers hosted by ENFOR in Policoro: all partners tested the modules together with other professionals to review and improve them after this training experience;
  4. The partners implemented the modules with a Pilot test at a local level;
  5. C2- Blended Mobility of ASD Students: the consortium tested the modules together with students with autism in a 5-day training experience, from 23rd to 27th May, hosted by partner Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry / РТИК in Bulgaria.

In addition, all modules are now on the platform and translated into each partner’s language to make the content as accessible as possible.

The wide-ranging objectives of the ACTIvE Project were:

  • Provide educators working in school contexts with innovative Continuous Professional Development opportunities to deal with ASD students
  • Develop a long-lasting relationship among all actors in the school (families, teachers, headmasters, NGOs working with autism, and external stakeholders)
  • Promote social inclusion through talent development
  • Create synergies at local and European levels to develop innovative practices for inclusive Europe with a bottom-up approach

The consortium is happy and proud of the work done over the past 3 years and hopes that the material created and proposed will be helpful to most people.


Project website:

Facebook page: @ACTIvEAutismJobCoach

Project number: 2019 1 PT01 KA201 061366