Second meeting Of Steering Committee on CCIS

The European Digital Learning Network is part of the Large-scale skills partnership for the Cultural and Creative Industries Ecosystem under the Pact of Skills promoted by DG Grow of the EC. Following up on the first meeting back in December, a second one held on the 4th of February 2022 was attended by Ms. Pissarello, policy officer, on behalf of the European Digital Learning Network. Facilitated by the Commission services, the meeting focused on discussing and reviewing the initial draft of the Common Declaration presented months before. This first draft of the Common Declaration has the objective of presenting the vision of the CCIs ecosystem under the Pact for Skills so that the 59 organisation part of the Focus Group can launch a large-scale skills partnership. In this respect, the European Digital Learning Network is working for sharing data and intelligence on the skills needs in the CCIs or their sub-sectors with a particular attention to digital skills and digital literacy within the sector