Q4EDU – Quality for digital Education Readiness in VET

Covid-19 crisis has disrupted the education process, especially in VET sector, where digital readiness was not uniform, and has highlighted that 1) current and next generation of trainers and workers needs to be more tech-savvy, 2) VET centers need to monitor and improve the quality of the provided training, in order to reach digital readiness that is becoming, even more, necessary today, 3) VET centers/teachers need to adapt/act quickly, supporting learners from remote areas, offering blended teaching and promoting a safer, more responsible and ethical use of digital technology.

Launched in March 2021, this Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnership project entitled “Quality for digital Education Readiness in VET – Q4EDU” aims to support VET institutions in their digitalization process, not only focusing on online tools, evaluation and examination methods, but also devising a framework to assess the digital readiness at VET level. In particular, the central aim of Q4EDU project is to offer a methodology for a quality plan to VET centers and trainers for them to 1) adopt a quality-centric point of view for their services and internal operations, 2)address digital education readiness issue, 3) assess training methods’ adaptability, 4) assess the quality of online/distance/blended learning in the post-covid-19 era.

During its lifetime (24 months in total), the project consortium(formed by UNIWERSYTETLODZKI and Ł-ITeE from Poland, CITY COLLAGE and ATLANTIS from Greece, EMPHASYSCENTRE from Cyprus and the EUROPEAN DIGITAL LEARNING NETWORK from Italy) will be involved in the development of the following 5 Intellectual Outputs:

  • METHODOLOGICAL FRAMEWORK”, which will consist of an innovative methodology to exploit well-known models for quality excellence and well-recognized methodologies used by the industrial sector to form a quality framework tailored to evaluate digital readiness for VET.
  • ECVET PROFILE AND TRAINING METHODOLOGY”, a sort of an ECVET Curriculum, will develop a novel methodology for specialized training on the assessment of digital readiness in VET.
  • TRAINING COURSE DEVELOPMENT”, an online training course useful to become familiar with quality assessments, indicators, and criteria when it comes to assessing online/distance/blended learning courses, and to evaluate the digital readiness of their VET centre.“DIGITAL READINESS ASSESSMENT TOOL (DigiRAsT)”, a tool to provide quick assessments regarding digital readiness at course or organisation level.
  • POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS/GUIDELINES”, addressed to European VET trainers and institutions, and aimed to start a capacity-building process to raise awareness of decision-makers of the potential benefits of the diffusion of the Digital Readiness EvaluationMethodological Framework to VET organisation Europe-wide.

The project and its activities are mainly addressed toVET trainers, who want to be familiarised with a high-quality assessment of mixed/online/distance learning. Secondary target groups include VET professionals(e.g consultants, managers etc.), who want to evaluate the digital readiness of their organization.

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