STEAM4ALLSUPPORTING THE DIGITAL INCLUSION OF ALL STUDENTS THROUGH AN INTER-DISCIPLINARY PROGRAMME FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE – is a project financed under the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission, lasting 30 months (1/10/2020-30/03/2023) and implemented by a transnational consortium consisting of 7 partners from 5 European countries (DE, IT, GR, CYP, NL).

Digitisation and Industry 4.0 are perhaps the most important drivers behind the profound transformation of the labour market and the way people work which has resulted in an increased demand for digital skills. In order to reinforce the above, the Commission has revealed last February 2020 its actions for a digital transformation which focuses on the EU society powered by digital solutions, that opens up new opportunities for business and boosts the development of trustworthy technology while equipping young people with digital skills for a competitive future.

Reflecting on the above, the consortium aims to design, pilot-test and produce an inclusive STEAM4ALL MULTI-MEDIA TOOL KIT to support students with fewer opportunities (marginalised, living in remote or rural areas, with migrant background) to acquire a combination of digital (coding and robotics) and STEAM competences based on an interdisciplinary approach that will promote environmental education and sustainable development.

The target groups of the project are the students from 13 y.o. to 19 y.o. , teachers and educators that work with students of that age.

To pursue these objectives, the consortium has established different activities to be carried out that can be easily summarized as follow:

  • To develop the EDUCATIONAL TOOK KIT with teaching material that will be based on scenarios, cross-curricular topics and/or case studies linked to environmental topics.
  • In-service training for teachers of STEAM
  • ON-LINE DATA BANK with a wide selection of tools and resources.
  • CLUBS will implement the STEAM4ALL programme.
  • To develop the eco-system (off and online) of the Open Badges.
  • Multi-level CAMPAIGN for the promotion of the STEAM4ALL.
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