Since the relationship between parents and children is changing over time, with new technologies, modern ways of communication between children, different ways of spending free time, parents are on a daily basis adapting to new information on how to communicate with their children, nurture their maturation and development and bring them up into confident and vigilant children. With the improvement of parent’s personal growth, communication and their parental skills they are gaining solid grounds for further development of their professional skills as well.

Skills4Parents is a strategic partnership for innovation and the exchange of good practices, in the field of adult education, funded by the Erasmus+ programme. During two years, organizations from 6 European countries will work together to develop the project:

On the 23rd of November 2020, Skills4Parents consortium met online to kick off the project and organize the first activities related to it!  Skills4Parents is a new European project, that aims to work on deep research about the relationship between parents and children.

With this project Skills4Parents aims to influence the lives of adult educators, parents and children in a way so that all three groups gain valuable life tools. For adult educators, life tools are in a form of enhancing professional skills, for parents those are parental and communication skills and for children it is their overall well-being, quality of life and better relationships between parent and a child. Specifically, the project aims three main outputs:

  • A methodological framework for implementation through the collection of feedback on topics created by the partners and representatives of the target groups (parents and adult educators)
  • A training model co-created between the main partners and representatives of the target groups and that will deliver a set of information regarding the project training course learning outcomes, syllabus with the project topics and guidelines. Adult educators will be educated to use digital technology tools in their work with the parents and that will enable a more collaborative relationship with parents and children as well as parents’ greater participation in both the psychosocial development and educational process of their children which will ultimately lead to better quality of life and well-being of the children and the whole family.
  • An online digital platform and community, which will host the learning material and the digital tools to support adult educators with pedagogical guidelines and parents. In line with the sustainability goals, the online digital platform will enable other adult educators who are not necessarily directly involved in the project to apply the SKILLS4PARENTS methodology which contributes to supporting and strengthening the educators on a wider range.

SKILLS4PARENTS will contribute to decreasing of the digital inequalities in the access and use, to reducing inequalities in learning digital skills of adult educators and parents, and concomitantly children, and to reducing inequalities in the provision of online support services for parents and families. In this way project SKILLS4PARENTS, with its innovative ways of delivering adult education, will play a crucial role in ensuring equal digital opportunities and bridging the digital divide whilst promoting social inclusion of target groups and ensuring setting up and sustainable long-term access to the upskilling pathway.

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