1point – VET training using the one-point lessons approach

The advent of the internet of things and 5G-based communication protocols is leading the world of industrial production towards a real epochal turning point. In a few years, nothing will be as it was before, and the characteristics of workers engaged in various forms of industrial production must accordingly renew and adapt themselves to technological change.

The next generation of industry workers should be tech-savvy, but VET programs and teaching methodologies have not caught up yet.

1Point project aims at promoting a work-based learning approach and the acquisition of concrete knowledge and skills: our focus is the training of future maintenance professionals in order to improve IT skills, foster employability and develop innovative thinking. The training course will be designed in accordance with high-quality VET standards in order to meet the labour market needs.

Therefore, training with the 1Point methodology will support participants to carry out and reflect on tasks that are directly connected to their future workplace (vocational context). The methodology will include the use of modern ICT technologies, accessible from different mobile devices (e.g. tablet, laptop) and will include gamification aspects (badges, missions). In this way, the 1Point lesson model creates benefits for VET providers, trainers, learners and the industry.

In order to do all of this, 1Point project will develop, transform, test, evaluate, improve and disseminate an innovative training framework comprising a new methodology along with an online training course. This methodology will systematically prepare maintenance professionals, defining the ECVET curriculum of the Maintenance Expert in the perspective of a virtual Learning Motivation Environment fostering the use of ICT applications.

We can then summarize the main results foreseen during the project implementation mentioning a) the elaboration of a specific training approach for the field of VET suitable for industrial maintenance, including trainer guidelines, and b) the creation of a training course for maintenance experts, based on f2f and virtual learning environment.

1Point project will generate intangible and strategic results too, such as:

  • Generation of awareness among European smaller and larger enterprises in relation to the benefits of specialised maintenance training
  • Knowledge dissemination with regards to how the new training methodology can be turned into an opportunity of high potential for VET providers, trainers and Human Resources departments
  • Better professional activity and employability among the target groups

Furthermore, VET students as well as maintenance professionals and trainees will be able to gain updated IT-skills and industry-oriented maintenance knowledge by using innovative ICT technologies.

Coordinated by the Slovenian organization TECOS, the partnership involved in 1Point project includes as well Atlantis Engineering (Greece), Cetem (Spain), Hearthands Solutions (Cyprus),

Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for VET (Slovenia) and European Digital Learning Network (Italy)

1Point project was financed under the Erasmus+ Programme (Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training) and will be active for 2 years, until the end of October 2022.

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