Say no to bullying! Reducing cyber and offline bullying amongst NEET people

The main aim of the Say no to Bullying project is to prevent and reduce the prevalence of bullying among NEET people by developing a toolbox of adult educators, trainers, social workers, and other service providers to make them able to identify the phenomenon, to support the actors of bullying, to re-shape the behavioral patterns of bullies and to activate the passive witnesses.

Five from six participants of the partnership are members of the European Digital Learning Network, which is a collector of practices and ideas, gathering diverse organizations in Europe to reflect, think and trigger new initiatives, toward the enhancement of digital learning.

  • ● Budapest Organization of Konszenzus Foundation, as the main applicant, implements projects especially in the areas of social protection, labor market, and info-communication, in order to support the integration of disadvantaged groups into society.
  • ● FEUZ, Spain, aims to find collaborative, innovative solutions for the needs of entrepreneurs, public and private enterprises and institutions, liberal professionals, students and society in general.
  • ● Step by Step Parent’s Association, Croatia works on the promotion of parenting and the rights of the child.
  • ● AKNOW, Greece, is a technical implementation company providing highly skilled ICT services.
  • ● National Child Protection League, Hungary, working with pupils, students and teachers has great experience in the Safer Internet program.

All together they will work closely for the realization of four Intellectual Outputs:

  1. Decline the gap: Through an ad hoc survey, the first IO of the project will help the organizations concerned both at the national and European levels to better understand two fields: the interdependencies between online and offline bullying and the relations between NEET youth and bullying.
  2. Digital manual: This IO will address the reasons that make NEET individuals especially exposed to the risk of becoming victims, and will present the factors that determine the type of help that can be provided to them.
  3. LME for reducing cyberbullying: A learning and training platform (LME) will be constructed containing contain the study materials for trainers, titled “How to teach about bullying for NEET people and early school leavers”.
  4. And last an online game will be developed using all the new ICT potential to sensitize the target groups to the harms of bullying, combat exclusionary attitudes and decrease prejudice.

The envisaged primary impact of the project will be the decrease of aggressive attitudes and abusive actions, the development of the digital competencies of the target groups, the strengthening of the motivation, social competencies and learning-to-learn skills of NEET people through an effective and pleasurable learning process, in order to contribute to their employability and to increase the chances to improve their quality of life.

Read the Short Glossary aiming to bring awareness to 50+ words definition in link with online and offline harassment!

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