Play2Learn: reviving hands-on educational play for learning skills of tomorrow

Have you ever thought about using a different teaching approach to STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics? Nowadays, most of the approaches lack of interesting lessons suitable for all kind of learner in the STEM field, which is at the base of our power of innovation in both real life and labour market.

The project Play2learn: reviving hands-on educational play for learning skills of tomorrow, financed by European Commission under Erasmus+ Program, wants to cover this gap.

Established by an international consortium, made of the European Digital Learning Network (Italy), CIVIC Computed limited Spa (Scotland), IDEC (Greece), Platon M.E.P.E (Greece), Projeto Schole LDA (Portugal), Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd (Cyprus) and  CCS Digital Education (Ireland), Play2learn is addressed directly, to teachers, trainers, counsellors and all school education staff working with children of mainly 8-14 years old; indirectly to schools, parents’ associations and organizations and relevant educational stakeholders.

The principal aim of the project is encouraging kids to learn by playing acquiring necessary STEM related skills through a do-it-yourself computer kit to be assembled and used in the classroom. This last will be based on Raspberry Pi Technology, Minecraft Pi games and Scratch/ Python Programs in order to make learning simpler, interactive and involving.

To this extent, will be further delivered educational content covering Minecraft Pi, Scratch and Physical computing, an educators’ guide with suggested lesson plans and a “Play2learn Virtual Academy Space” with live chats, email and other tools to share project’s results with the Play2learn community all over Europe.

If you want to try an innovative, amusing and intelligent way of learning in the field of STEM teaching, follow the activity of the project on Facebook: @Play2Learn and on their site:!