YOUR LOCAL GUIDE: Digital skills for senior tourism experts

The past 28th and 29th March, the European Digital Learning Network took part at the 2nd transnational partners meeting of the project “Your Local Guide”. The meeting took place in Ruse, Bulgaria, hosted by the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI).

The project is funded within the framework of Erasmus + of the European Commission under the Key Action 2 and it is led by a consortium of 6 partners: NERDA (Romania), DLearn (Italy), DomSpain (Spain), CCS (Ireland), RCCI (Bulgaria) and APT Bucovina (Romania).

Your Local Guide aims at developing the digital competences and increasing the digital skills of seniors who would like to work as experts in tourism destination management and promotion: the project targets seniors, adult learners or adult retired willing to work in the tourism sector. By tackling the lack and/or low level of digital skills of those people, the project will offer the opportunity of starting a new career path and of acquiring new key competences. At the same time, it will foster the development and promotion of the whole tourism sector in the involved regions, with an expected broader positive effect on the economic and social wellbeing of the communities.

Your Local Guide will support the training of senior learners by creating and offering a variety of tools to their trainers: drawing from a preliminary ‘White Paper on Digital Skills needed in Destination Management’ a complete Training kit ‘Expert in tourism destination marketing and management’ will be created and afterwards completed by a Videogame on ‘Digital marketing for Tourism Destination’.

During the 2nd transnational meeting, the partners analysed the results of the desk research and the findings of the White Paper and decided about the methodology and framework of the 4 handbooks composing the Training Kit: the needs and framework of the videogame were also discussed together with the dissemination plan’ strategy. The next steps of the project were defined and clarified as well, in Autumn 2019 the consortium will meet again in Reus (Spain) for the 3rd transnational meeting.

The whole consortium is willing to cooperate and work at its best in order to produce and deliver high quality outputs for the education and training of low digital skilled seniors as tourism experts.

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