IN PLACE training – How to assess students’ progress

The project IN PLACE, co-funded by the Erasmus plus programme, has reached the first year of implementation. The main objective – sharing good practices among the involved partners – is getting to its focus: the establishment of sustainable and mutually beneficial relations between VET schools and SMEs through the making of 10 video presentations per country. Several classes of students, assisted by their reference teacher, have been recording video-presentations in this regard, applying digital competence and skills and promoting SMEs. Such video-podcasts are a modern way of business promotion for effective engagement with a given audience.

As for the teachers who have been monitoring the students’ work during the last months, how do they get the best methodology to make them do a good job, with a great return in terms of learning goals? IN PLACE provides the teachers from all the partnership countries with a specific training focused on this kind of assessment.

The castle of Burgh-Haamstede


Just today, three teachers per country within the consortium – 21 in total – are on their way to Burgh-Haamstede, a gem embedded in the western coast of the Netherlands, facing the shores of England.




A folkloristic map of Burgh-Haamstede

In Burgh-Haamstede, the teachers will be trained for one week on:

  • exchange of good practices;
  • work-based learning;
  • cooperation between VET and SMEs;
  • assessment of students’ progress during the work placement.

The training will focus on:

  • methodology for assessment;
  • digital competences;
  • entrepreneurial competences.

After the training event, the teachers will be certified using INGOT, an assessment method founded by The Learning Machine (TLM), an awarding organisation regulated by the United Kingdom national qualifications agency.

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