We are very glad to announce that the European Digital Learning Network is growing and it is happy to give its welcome to the new member FEUZ – Fundacion Empresa Universidad Zaragoza.

FEUZ works with the purpose to contribute to the socio-economic progress through the promotion of an efficient cooperative channels so that the competences, talent, experience and knowledge generated at university be made available to society.

Their story began in the 80s, when there was not a body to serve as a link between the needs of the Aragonese business community and existing resources at the University of Zaragoza. So, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Zaragoza and the University of Zaragoza decided to create a non-profit organization that would act as a centre for information, advice and coordination for the University and private companies in the areas of training, employment, promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation, facing challenges and opportunities, providing competitive solutions, and promoting new forms of cooperation. Later, in the 90s, FEUZ has been authorized, by Commission of European Union, to create a University-Industry Training Partnership (UITP), under the European Community Action Programme in Education and Training for Technology (COMETT), which would service the needs of the regions of Aragon and La Rioja. When the COMETT program ended in 1994, the Aragón-Rioja UITP became a department within FEUZ, managing and coordinating various programs and Community Initiatives.

Today, they are able to offer many and very interesting services, depending if you are a student, a teacher, a company, a liberal professional or an Institution.

We asked to Isabel Nuez, responsable for the International Relations of Fundacion Empresa Universidad Zaragoza   why they have decided to join our network and she said:

We work every day to deliver collaborative solutions which bring together the talent, knowledge, skills and resources of the University and its community to enterprises and society in general.  Joining the European Digital learning network is helping us  to  improve our existing experiences and knowledge of digital learning through sharing of practices and creation of efficient business opportunities. The close cooperation with all the members, the uncountable digital activities organised by D-learn, and the cooperation agreements with various organizations at EU level in the field of digital education and skills are also a plus that put in value our decision to join European Digital Learning Network”.

We are sure that it is going to be a successful collaboration and once again, welcome to our Digital Family!

For more information about FEUZ -Fundacion Empresa Universidad Zaragoza :