Let’s say it: Erasmus+ is changing the life of 4 million people. It is a great number, but not enough! That number is growing through the allocation of a small percentage of the overall EU budget (1.4%) in the work programme 2014-2020. Four million correspond at 0,8 percent of European citizens.Why not allocate more economic resources and give the possibility to a wider range of citizens to strengthen and improve their education in all its forms?

So, here we are: Erasmusx10 campaign has been wanted for this reason. It is coordinated by the Lifelong Learning Platform, the European Youth Forum and Eurodesk and the idea was born when the European political leaders recommended to raise meaningfully the programme’s budget, 10 times more!

The European Digital Learning Network embraces totally the goal of the campaign and it is a proud sponsor of it!

Let’s find out why it should be 10 times more and below you can read 10 good reasons:

1. Widening its access for a truly lifelong learning programme: give the possibility to have a greater number of beneficiaries, especially for those are currently failing to have access to the programme;

2. Strengthen its social dimension for better inclusion: a better inclusion of people with disability and with disadvantaged socio-economic situations;

3. Empowerment of citizens through education: promote the shared civic values though activities as volunteering, mobility and cooperation;

4. Competitiveness and employment: new opportunities to improve hard and soft skills;

5. Quality mobility experience and projects: improving the quality of the transnational partnership and mobility experience through the allocation of more funds and right tools needed by beneficiaries;

6. Effective management and evaluation: innovative methodologies and processes for a more effective management of the Programme;

7. Peer Learning, Capacity Building and Exchange: peer learning, capacity building and exchange are tools in order to support a narrower collaboration among Member States and education stakeholders;

8. Cross-sector and multilevel cooperation: Strengthening support for civil society organizations as intermediaries between the European level and the local level to facilitate access for all citizens to the opportunities offered from the program;

9. Education as a driver for Sustainable Development Goals: education is the right tool for
Sustainable Development, so improving the implementation of its goals;

10. Internationalising education and lifelong learning systems: Strengthening the internationalization of educational institutions and systems in order to build links with societies and economies all over the world.

 What are you waiting for? Sign up the petition, because the stronger the adhesions, the stronger the voice that EU Institutions “hear”: http://erasmusx10.eu/#petition