Lyubomir is just 21 years old. He is director of one of the most prominent startups in Sofia, Melissa Climate. Last year he won the Young Digital Talent of the Year award, part of the eSkills for Jobs campaign.

“I first started programming I was eight years old,” Melissa Climate founder Lyubomir Yanchev told Euronews. “I started doing taekwendo a martial art which tough me persistence and sport spirit. Melissa itself started as a school project. But, because my parents are entrepreneurs, I saw the opportunity in this product to become a real business.”

Melissa Climate app

Melissa. That’s not his girlfriend’s name, it’s this very clever little gadget. This box along with the app allows you to remotely control any air conditioner, whatever its brand.

“Melissa is a smart device that knows how to manage your air conditioner, in the most energy efficient way.” explains Yanchev. “And this can save you up to 25 percent of your electricity bill.”

Lyubomir is already working on a new product to be launched in the autumn. It’s something that investors are already interested in. He has already managed to raise 600,000 euros, one third through the European Commission’s JEREMIE programme.

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