19 Oct

Media Literacy for Parents »

Started in November 2019, “Media Literacy for
Parents” (short MeLi Parent), is an Erasmus+ project focused on the media
literacy for parents of school-age children.

16 Oct

Hum@n – Digital Transformation in Humanities »

Hum@n – Digital Transformation in Humanities is a project financed under the Erasmus+ programme, lasting two years (2019-2021) implemented by a transnational consortium consisting of

25 Sep

#ThinkB4UClick – The CyberSecMonth is coming! »

Author: Alessandra d’Arrigo

The European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) is the European Union’s annual campaign that wants to raise awareness of cybersecurity threats and promotes c

15 Sep

The modernisation of the education in a post-COVID era »

On any given day in mid-April, around the world, we saw more than 300 million active users on Zoom, more than 100 million on Google Classroom, more than 75 million on Microsoft Teams.

31 Jul

The privacy of Europeans data »

The privacy of someone, of something or a confidential statement is in direct link with what is called classified information.

03 Jul

A safe and new way to explore Europe »

The pandemic
pressed a long pause on travels, visits (museum, concert, food testing, and
more), film projection (cinema or outdoor) and to many other hobbies we have!

Fortunately, in

30 Jun

ACTIvE Job Coach »

ACTIvE (Job coACh supporTIng school studEnts with Autism Spectrum Disorder to acquire independency) is an Erasmus + funded project aiming to promote social inclusion within school education

26 Jun

Count me in, everything you need to know »

The European project Count me In has arrived at its milestone, the piloting sessions targeting young people and people with special needs with the aim of improving their digital and civil c

22 Jun

STOP: What do you know about sexual abuse and sexual abuse prevention? »

Author: Carlotta Figini

What forms of sexual abuse do you
hear about and/or are you aware of?

With this question, the STOP research has started to understand the skills gap for youth

19 Jun

Media Literacy: a focus on parents’ education »

Year after
year, our society is experiencing an explosion in information and an invasion
of new media that are partially replacing those we can consider as “traditional”,
like newspaper