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The IoT, the interconnection of devices

The Internet of things or the IoT, refers to the interconnection between devices, the information they send and receive to one another, like a conversation. This connection is made possible through the sensors the devices are equipped with. The IoT is part of the “fourth industrial revolution”, linked to the big data and the digitalization READ MORE >


The 17 of January 2018, the European Commission has launched the Digital Education Action Plan in order to improve key competences and digital skills of European citizens. This Action Plan arrived after European Heads of State and Government discussed on education, training and culture at the Gothenburg Summit in November 2017. The Summit took place READ MORE >

Digital Economy Taxation: open consultation launched

Until January 2018, you have the opportunity to participate in the public consultation launched by the EU Commission on the taxation of digital economy. The open web tax consultation aims to define a digital economy tax approach that will ensure a more equitable and effective taxation system in support of public revenue, growth and competitiveness of the EU READ MORE >