European Conference
on Digital Footprint

Boulevard d’Anvers 40, 1000 Brussels
Co-organised by


On the 24th October 2019, the European Digital Learning Network ETS (DLearn) and the Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP) organized, with the support of the DIGIT project partners, the European Conference on Digital Footprint.  This event was the opportunity for the attendees to increase their awareness on digital footprint, to learn how to have a safer behavior online, to secure their data online, their digital rights and much more, thanks to the talented and passionate speakers who ran to this European meeting! 

The Conference was the occasion to present the results of the DIGIT project as well as the preliminary results of the Digital Footprint Awareness report realized by the European Digital Learning Network ETS about the level of European citizens’ awareness of digital footprint-related issues and challenges. The report is the result of a European survey carried out by Dlearn in 2018-2019 (more information here and here).

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