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Are you ready to become the next Cybersecurity Officer?

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, within its Threat Landscape Reports 2020 “Emerging Trends” and “The year in review”, as well a significant number of scholars agree on the fact that cybersecurity incidents are drastically increasing in recent years. According to the data released in the 9th Annual Report by Accenture on the “Cost of READ MORE >

Online identities and social network

The Social Network is surrounding us for years due to the digitalization of information. It forced people to create the construction of identities, online identities. The online identities are related to the information available online about one person, such as:  name, date of birth, pictures and videos, activities,  likes, comments, hobbies and more It is READ MORE >

DIGIT, boost competences for a responsible use of online identity

DIGIT “Boost competences for a responsible use of online identity” is strongly based on the need of adult citizens to easily understand concepts related to the digital identity, i.e. the image and the behaviour they have when using the most common tools on the internet (emails, social networks, e-commerce etc.). Project main goals can be summarized READ MORE >

The digital identity, our online portrait

The digital identity is linked to the information about a person, a company, an association or an object available online. It is mostly referring to a person and its profile. The digital identity has been more developed with the digitalization of information. It gives us the possibility to have any kind of data about a READ MORE >

E-safety advice and support for parents and teachers

Internet nowadays is a reality. And not that virtual. It is a world parallel to physical life, made of great potentials but also pitfalls. And as such, it must be known, analysed and exploited most correctly possible, so as not to undermine anyone’s rights. Especially for the weakest ones, like the kids. Children are exposed READ MORE >