Are you ready to become the next Cybersecurity Officer?

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, within its Threat Landscape Reports 2020 “Emerging Trends” and “The year in review”, as well a significant number of scholars agree on the fact that cybersecurity incidents are drastically increasing in recent years.

According to the data released in the 9th Annual Report by Accenture on the “Cost of Cybercrime”, 68% of business leaders believe their cybersecurity risks are increasing. Likewise, the World Economic Forum’s report on Global Risks places cyberattacks and data fraud or theft among the top 5 risks CEOs are most likely to face.

Cybercrime is and will be among the top pressing issues for our governments! Companies as well as in our daily life, especially in the light of the current crisis, where a huge part of our work and private life has been transposed online with the flourishing of internet dependency and of the digital economy.

With cybercrime becoming a rising trend step by step, it is crucial to find skilled Cybersecurity Officer in the job market who will support businesses to take preventive actions to counteract possible cyberattacks, raise awareness among employees on the risks linked to cyberthreats, therefore, helping businesses and individuals in their professional and personals lives, to protect their data as fully as possible.

Are you ready to become the next Cybersecurity Officer?

Begin to train yourself with the material offered by IoTNuggets’ project.

The project aims to prepare experts in data and security protection within the IoT ecosystem based on the new approach of “learning nuggets” for fast and on-demand learning.

Nuggets are capsules of information to be used in the right moment, engaging and interactive, multimedia enabled. Users can utilize them in an efficient time manner so that specialists can build and upgrade their skills and knowledge in small chunks of content.



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