Online identities and social network

The Social Network is surrounding us for years due to the digitalization of information. It forced people to create the construction of identities, online identities. The online identities are related to the information available online about one person, such as: 

  • name,
  • date of birth,
  • pictures and videos,
  • activities, 
  • likes, comments,
  • hobbies and more

It is all the data we once shared online, the trail of our online activity, an article mentioning our name and more. Even though, we can decide with who, when and where we share our information. 

Our online identity is creating an e-reputation, that reflects our personality and opinions through the data we shared in the past. The social network has a deeper impact on our society, the media, our personal and professional lives. In some situations, some data can be hard to delete and might harm someone’s reputation. It is important to remind ourselves that the elements we see online are sometimes different than real life.

Raising the awareness of adults and seniors concerning their online identities, the cybersecurity, and their digital footprint is the main goal of the European project AUDID. This project aims at helping adults to be more conscious about the amount of data they share online and to protect themselves when they are online. To know more about this project, you can consult the website