EffecTive Project

EffecTive, as part of the Horizon Europe framework programme, undertakes a Research and Innovation Action with the primary goal of enhancing teachers’ Pedagogical Digital Competence (PDC). The project is dedicated to identifying the key factors that can support teachers’ PDC, considering the conditions’ effectiveness and efficiency. This involves developing a comprehensive methodology to assess the impact and productivity of various PDC training programmes for teachers. The evaluation focuses on how these training programmes influence teachers’ instructional methods and the subsequent effect on student learning outcomes.

The project prioritises understanding both the effectiveness and efficiency of the conditions under which PDC improvement occurs. EffecTive will evaluate selected policy measures in the field of teacher PDC in five countries as well as the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the related elements of 12 training interventions on teachers’ PDC and student learning outcomes.

Objectives of EffecTive:

  1. To develop and refine a methodology to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of different teacher PDC training policies on teachers’ practice and student learning (WP3) and validate the methodology in 12 teacher training interventions in five countries (Estonia, Finland, Austria, Germany, Israel) to prevent inequalities and promote equal opportunities for students (WP2)
  2. To gather evidence and improve the knowledge of important factors that influence the effectiveness and efficiency of teacher training approaches to transform teacher professional development and student learning (WP1-WP4).
  3. To propose a cost-benefit framework for teacher training interventions and a tool to conduct cost-effectiveness analysis for future decisions to select between different policy interventions regarding training to support teachers’ PDC, which help to identify training policies ensuring an efficient use of public resources (WP4).
  4. Together with different stakeholders to co-create policy recommendations for future evaluations and actions in the field of education and training of teachers’ PDC that improve learning outcomes as well as equity and inclusion of those systems (WP5).

The project consortium consists of representatives of these organizations:

  1. Tallin University (TLU) – Estonia – COORDINATOR
  2. University for Continuing Education Krems (UWK) – Austria
  3. Ulm University (UULM) – Germany
  4. European Digital Learning Network ETS (Dlearn) – Italy
  5. University of Augsburg (UAU) – Germany
  6. Estonian Business School (EBS) – Estonia
  7. Oulu University (UOULU) – Finland
  8. Tel Aviv University (TAU) – Israel
  9. UpSmart OU (Upstart) – Estonia

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