Return on Investment of Work Based Learning and apprenticeships

“RoI of WBL and apprenticeships” proposes the development of a cost and social benefits model calibrated on the specific needs of European small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in order for their managers and entrepreneurs to calculate the return on investment for apprenticeships and work-based learning supply.
The general objectives of the project are:
– Make apparent the benefits of WBL and apprenticeships at the level of individual SMEs and the society;
– Promote WBL and apprenticeships by motivating the engagement of SMEs.
The direct target groups are SMEs’ entrepreneurs, managers and staff as well as VET providers (vocational training centres, professional schools, employment centres) that cooperate with SMEs for the provision of WBL and apprenticeships.

Among the project main outcomes, we can list:

  1. A model for the calculation of Rol of WBL and apprenticeships by SMEs;
  2. A Good Practices Guide addressed to SMEs, giving guidance on how to design, implement and monitor profitable apprenticeship practices which can benefit the enterprise, the apprentice and the entire society;
  3. Creation and promotion of an apprenticeship – friendly SMEs badge to increase the engagement of companies in the provision of WBL;
  4. Promotion of VET – SMEs cooperation, through experimentation and validation of the Rol model;

Organization of promotional events addressed to SMEs entrepreneurs, VET centres and stakeholders that interested to apply and promote the Rol model and tool.

DLEARN, based on its active role in European Networks, conferences and events, will be responsible for the dissemination activities:

  • Development of a dissemination strategy;
  • Development of graphical identity (logo and leaflet);
  • Development of 5 newsletters;
  • Creation of social networking accounts.

Here the newsletter of the project

ROI newsletter #1

ROI newsletter #2

ROI newsletter #3

ROI newsletter #4

ROI newsletter #5

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