Stakeholders consultation on the Commission’s proposals for Council Recommendation on digital education and skills

The European Digital Learning Network ETS was invited to participate in a consultation part of a series of encounters organized by the European Commission to gather views and input from key players and stakeholders of the education and digital fields. In this context, the European Digital Learning Network ETS actively took part in an online participatory workshop on 21st October 2022. As part of the implementation phase of the Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027) and the Structured Dialogue on digital education and skills, the European Commission is working and developing proposals for two Council Recommendations to be adopted in 2023. The Council Recommendations will address two key areas:

The main goals are fostering a governmental approach to the digitalization of education and training which is coherent and harmonized and promoting an approach to the provision of digital skills which guarantee equality and inclusiveness.

During the online consultation, the European Digital Learning Network ETS had an overview of the issues tackled by the Council Recommendations and discussed with fellow stakeholders good practices from its own experiences with projects and EU related activities.