ONLIFE – Empower hybrid Competences for Onlife Adaptable Teaching in School Education in times of pandemic

New reality, after Covid-19 pandemic, found most teachers unprepared to adapt their teaching, creating, learning, and living habits and be as productive and effective while staying at home. ONLIFE Erasmus + project aims to develop a blueprint of guidelines methodology which will support the life adaptability of teachers in the online teaching process in School Education so they can have hybrid competences as teachers.

The direct target group of the project is represented by teachers and educational leaders as they first need to adapt the teaching methodologies to the pandemic and students needs. While the indirect target group is represented by students and their families that can benefit from the innovative learning material of the project.

Even though the current pandemic according to the latest indications may be coming to an end, as the previous experience has shown, similar obstacles and situations may occur at any time in the future. That is why, it is necessary to prepare teachers with the necessary competences so they can adapt their teaching according to different situations. Considering this framework, ONLIFE intends to build bridges and share knowledge between Schools, HEIs, and Associations with the following aims:

  • to produce and validate a set of new online QA Standards able to consider the qualitative dimension for basic studies of school teaching interactions inside online environments;
  • to enhance Life-Long-Adaptability (LLA) in School Education through a focus on professionalization of teachers, so that they can effectively respond to and operate in an ever-changing context;
  • to the spread of best practice at European level, so as to:
  • provide decision-makers and institutions useful data for the definition of intervention strategies contributing to the modernization of School Education readiness in the digital age;
  • promote a digital culture, taking account of the systemic complexity introduced by ICT, transforming all social and organizational practices, contexts and learning models;
  • develop a new pedagogical approach for an innovative vision of European e-learning in School Education, through the production of an innovative perspective more attentive to the qualitative dimension of online teaching and key teaching competences in the digital era;

Thanks to the partnership among schools, universities, research centres, training institutions, and associations, and according to a logic of co-construction and co-evaluation, ONLIFE will involve key actors of the HE system among staff, teachers, researchers, students, to ensure an organizational empowerment approach necessary for sustainable results at the end of the project. To achieve these targets, in terms of Intellectual outputs, the project’s main outcomes are following:

  • IO1: Case Studies Report “Digital Technologies in SE: from the European vision to the school governance”
  • IO2: Training pilot for online teaching in SE
  • IO3: ONLIFE Learning Paradigm (OLP) for the recognition and validation of SE professionals Competences
  • IO4: Recommendations and guidelines for School System Bodies

The project is developed by the Pedagogical University of Krakow (Poland), European Digital Learning Network – DLEARN (Italy), Eurogeo VZW (Belgium), Douka Ekpaideftiria AE-Palladion Lykeion-Doukas School (Greece), Universitat de Barcelona (Spain), European Association of Career Guidance – EACG (Cyprus), Liceul Teoretic “Tudor Arghezi”(Romania) and Liceo Statale Ettore Majorana (Italy).

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