DICYSTECH – Digital Training for Cybersecurity Students in Industrial Fields

Launched in April 2021, this Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnership project entitled “Digital Training for Cybersecurity Students in Industrial Fields – DICYSTECH” unites five EU partners from Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain in the development of open access training modules and linked cybersecurity remote laboratories for cybersecurity education that serve a double purpose: to meet Industry 4.0 needs and to provide innovative educational practice in the digital era supporting the uptake of innovative digital technologies (such as VLEs) for teaching and learning in HVET.

During its lifetime (24 months in total), the project consortium (formed by the Coordinator POLITEKNIKA IKASTEGIA TXORIERRI S.COOP from Spain; INSTITUTO POLITECNICO DO PORTO from Portugal; IDEC and the HELLENIC MEDITERRANEAN UNIVERSITY from Greece; EUROPEAN DIGITAL LEARNING NETWORK from Italy) will be involved in the development of the following 2 Intellectual Outputs:

  1. “DICYSTECH Digital Training Course for students”, an innovative and ready to use digital training package for HE/HVET ICT staff with IT students at EQF 5+ informal education and with adults in upskilling/reskilling training initiatives. The project will deliver 5 modules in both technical and transversal competences for cybersecurity students in Industrial environments, available via an open attractive e-learning platform, covering topics such as Industrial Networks, Equipment and Network Protection, Forensic (security) Analysis of these networks and countermeasures to threats, and Soft Skills necessary for cybersecurity technicians. Each Module will offer learning challenges and digital tests to support learning upon completion of the learning activities.
  2. “DICYSTECH HUB of Cybersecurity Labs”, offering users remote access to three fully developed partner cybersecurity laboratories in which learners can view and experiment with high end enabling IT technology and cybersecurity measures in simulated industrial contexts. Users will be invited to register and use the labs remotely for practice and the development of learning challenges provided in the training modules.

The project and its activities are addressed directly to HE/HVET ICT staff and students as well as Industrial stakeholders (SMEs) and workers (CVET/LL learners), but thanks to its aims all educational, industrial and other sectoral stakeholders with an interest in the training and certification of cybersecurity technicians will benefit from it.

Stay up to date on the project online:

Visit the website: https://dicystech.eu/ 

Take an e-course on the training platform: online.txorierri.net

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