Digital Education in Europe

Digital Education is one of the most essential topics of the European Digital Learning Network. One of our aims is to continuously boost European education and enhancing the awareness of European citizens towards the impact of digitalisation in their daily life. 

The use of digital has a big impact on the field of employability. For this reason, young people need to be well prepared to have the right skills to fit in the digital work environment. 

Last year, “3.3 million young people (aged 15-24 years) were unemployed in the EU” and “40% of employers cannot find people with the skills they need“. The gap between the lessons taught in the University and Schools and the demand of skills companies are demanding is an evidence. It is a real challenge that European countries are facing: expanding digital education at an early age. 

The European Commission created the ” Digital Education Action Plan” to enhance digital education opportunities in Europe. This initiative is allowing young adult to profit “from the best education and training, and to find employment across Europe“. This plan has 3 important headlines: 

  1. Making better use of digital technology for teaching and learning
  2. Developing digital competences and skills
  3. Improving education through better data analysis and foresight 

Education is relevant to be able to reach competences, experiences and also hobbies required in the work world. Regarding the European Commission, “the EU supports Member States in reducing youth unemployment and increasing the youth employment rate in line with the wider EU target of achieving a 75% employment rate for the working-age population (20-64 years)”. They also stated that “44% of European citizens do not have basic digital skills” and “35% of workers do not have basic digital skills while around 1 million digital experts are missing“. The digital skip gap has to be solved for a brighter future in Europe. The EC is also acting with the “Digital Skills and Job Coalition” to tackle this issue.

Moreover, educating the Europeans to give them the necessary digital skills to be equipped to enter the labour market is the goal of the European project “Digital @ Youth Work“. This Erasmus+ project propose to youth workers the chance to learn more about coding and Robotics, AI, social media and marketing, web design to reinforce, upgrade their digital skill to enter in the business world. To find out more about this project, visit the site

Many projects of the European Digital Learning Network are touching education for different areas of activity and various target of people. To have further information about our projects and activity go on