Cybersecurity, a must for businesses

Cybersecurity is a practice that protects services, networks, platforms, accounts or computers from digital hacks. Do you know what it means to be hacked? It means suffering unauthorized access to your computer from an external user. Once the hacker (person who enters your device) is in your system, most of the time he/she will have access to all your personal data, and everything your computer contains. In order not to allow any intrusion in your network, program or devices, it is essential to have powerful security.

Cyber attacks are more common than we could imagine. 

Last year, the Cybersec Hub made research on cybersecurity in for SMEs in the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) region. It reveals that “only 35% of CEE companies have a cybersecurity strategy for customer data protection“, and most of them are only doing usual back-ups. The same year, 3 million Facebook accounts have been hacked, due to a security breach. 

Isn’t it worth to treat cybersecurity as any other core points of companies’ business? 

Our data are priceless, that why it is important to secure them. With the Internet of things (IOT), when one device is hacked, the hacker can have access to devices connected to the one who has been hacked. Iot Nuggets is a project run by European partners, that aim to form experts into data and security protection in the IOT ecosystem through new methodologies and frameworks. This project goal is to create a safer IOT environment through cybersecurity. 

Nowadays, the GPRD is giving us more and more knowledge about the protection of our personal information. Nevertheless, it is vital to implement the cybersecurity in all businesses, for the safety of the data of the consumers and the company itself.