Towards a continuous cycle of digital learning literacy for VET Teachers – TCC VET

The quality of teaching has a direct effect upon learner’s attainment. The demands made on teachers, educators, school directors and teacher educators are increasing and changing. They are called on to play a key role in modernising education. To do that, they need to develop their own knowledge and skills. Using more digital tools in their lessons, teachers and educators can find opportunities to develop their teaching techniques and to increase teachers’ development and quality. For this reason, TCC VET will contribute directly to the PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF VET TEACHERS, supplying them with the digital and interactive tools to improve their lessons by using modern technology (IO1). Furthermore, and equally important: we will support teachers by developing supportive guiding resources for them to fully understand HOW to use these tools effectively in the classroom (IO2), giving them the confidence and skills to use the tools in practice in the classroom. This is the only way to ensure that students will eventually gain the knowledge they need for the future labour market: they need the best teachers to teach them these skills so they can find good jobs after leaving school.

Project main outcomes:

  • A teacher toolbox
  • A teacher’s manual 
  • A strategic roadmap
  • An online platform and community

Our role

DLEARN, as IO4 coordinator, will be responsible for creating an activity work plan for each of the activities to ensure delivery of the online platform and community. The work plan be discussed and agreed upon by partners before putting it to action.

DLEARN will also lead the research activities needed for O4/A2 as well as the development of the platform and the facilitation of the TCC VET together community.