Our network welcomes a new member, KONSZENZUS

The European Digital Learning Network has been increasingly expanding its network through its highly-experienced members, and Konszenzus certainly represents a great asset in terms of digital education and training.

Konszenzus Alapítvány Budapesti Szervezete – Consensus Foundation Budapest Organisation – is a Hungarian licenced adult educational organisation. It is headquartered in Budapest with the main aim to resolve conflicts of interest through the public distribution of elementary IT skills, conflict management activities as well as strategical planning and change-management techniques.

More specifically, Konszensus Budapest organises skill improvement and knowledge-sharing training activities to provide participants with useful skills and measures to both perform their works and solve the arising problems effectively, for a long term.

The Institution operates in the context of a Hungarian project approved by the European Union, created to increase the societal ICT (Information and Communications Technology) knowledge and to reduce the digital gap between the social groups. Regarding conflict management and organisation development, Konszensus manages emerging strife between various actors and helps to traverse the tasks and competency questions belonging to certain scope of activities and positions.

Provided the solid background of the organisation, Sándor Geskó, the Head of the Directing Board of the Konszenzus Budapest since 2001, realised that operating within the European framework, beyond the national boundaries, would be the decisive step to be taken. In this regard, he says that “the efficient fulfilment of our goals is only possible if we continue our activities across borders, within European frames. We recognized that we need the knowledge and experience of the nations of the European Union, its institutions, and the people who live and work here.”

Sándor Geskó has an extensive experience of training practice and conflict management, as well as a deep working-participation in the civil sphere for more than 22 years. The know-how of Konszenzus further enriches the European Digital Learning Network, and according to the words of Mr. Geskó:

“We feel that the European Digital Learning Network is a system of strong organizational boundaries, which serves the purpose of generating coordinated professional collaboration, but also provides the opportunity to widespread the results of projects. These results can also be used by the members of the network, thus granting synergy and dissemination.”

For further information, please visit the KONSZENZUS website, and don’t miss the most recent updates of DLEARN through our newsletters and posts!

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