IN PLACE – Innovative Video Presentations for Learning Creative Entrepreneurship

IN PLACE main aim is to contribute to high quality work-based VET for young people and afterwards to increase their competitiveness at labor market. The project is going to establish a background for good practice exchange at the European level and to create conditions for teachers’ discussions and verification of methods for assessment the learners progress during the work – placements.

The specific objective of the project is to establish sustainable and mutually beneficial relations between vocational school (VET) and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in the participating countries and transnationally, focused on work – based learning opportunities for students.

The project will facilitate the teachers getting access to a unique assessment method – INGOT, a method of assessment of the students’ progress through comparison with ECVET compliant qualifications structured into learners’ outcomes.

The project’s main outcomes will comprise:

  1. Established links and cooperation channels (between schools, schools associations, teachers unions, SMEs, chambers of commerce, professional associations, etc)
  2. Particular channels of work based learning opportunities (the apprenticeship frame) for students of involved schools at involved SMEs
  3. Supporting educational products (examples of good practice, compendium of case studies)
  4. Methodology of assessment – training centres and schools will implement new way of assessment according to the learners’ outcomes and assessment criteria referenced to EQF.