DIGIT: Boost competences for a responsible use of online identity

DIGIT is strongly based on the need of adult citizens to easily understand concepts related to the digital identity, i.e. the image and the behavior they have when using the most common tools on the internet (emails, social networks, e-commerce, etc.).

Therefore the main scope of the project is to create educational contents and adult educators guidelines, through an in depth assessment of adults and their common use of online tools in their daily life, from emails to Social Network, from e-commerce to the use of forums, blogs, etc.

Moreover the project brings attention about the interaction between “internet” and the role it plays within a family, with the aim to develop hands – on training contents able to support in the establishment of virtuous circle of mutual trust and understanding.

Project’s main outcomes:

  • Fostering of skills toward digital identity and a protect and safe use of internet;
  • Boost the understanding of the implications related to personal digital footprint through practical actions: workshops and events;
  • Provide right tools to adult citizens to help them in raising digital conscious future citizens.

DLEARN will wide spread the results among its network. The organization will involve its 25 founding members in the project various steps and the results achieved will be available to them.  Moreover it will exploit the project results within its activities for the DIGITAL SKILLS AND JOBS COALITION promoted by DG CONNECT and it will work closely with both the Digital Leadership Institute and DIGITAL EUROPE to widen the scope of the project message.