Discover old professions for new opportunities

One of the main challenges the society have to face is to preserve cultural roots for the next generations. One way is to invest on jobs which hold to our heritage and are about to disappear. Contrary to the common sense, many of these jobs are returning in auge representing an exceptional opportunity due to the increasing demand crafts related jobs. Many vocational bodies and businesses, in fact, are with success investing on these professions.
To this end, we want to introduce an initiative in the framework of the European Vocational skills week realized by one of the Dlearn Members – E-business Academy. The initiative has been promoted in the framework of the REDIAPRO project – Revival of Disappearing Architectural Professions – which aims to promote professions related to construction and architecture. The project produced short films through which you will meet architects, builders, craftsmen, as well as opportunities for education and career in Bulgaria and Europe. Special attention is granted on less popular professions such as earth building, stone workers, architecture restorers etc.


Article realized for the Vocational Skills Weekdiscover-your-talent