Digital skills and Europe future

“The digital revolution in Europe is not about tech companies, it is about small business and entrepreneurs. They are the ones creating growth and job opportunities daily here in Europe.”

Matt Brittin, President of EMEA Business and Operations at Google

Considering the future of the digital revolution in the EU, the most essential element is to give businesses and entrepreneurs the opportunity to explain their perspectives and needs to policymakers.

Some of the obstacles to growth for small EU digital business include a fear to the unknown, together with the uncertainity of financial systems, tax regimes and banking regulations. Despite this the business world is changing in Europe, especially for digital companies as they are horizontal and innovative. The real challenge is to make young people that the power to succeed is in their hands.

This article has been realized from the Report published by Friends of Europe – Digital Skills, Creating economic growth accross Europe


Article realized for the Vocational Skills Weekdiscover-your-talent