Digital skills are not just for office jobs!

ICT competences are transversal to all types of work

The EU Commission is carrying out a study about digital skills in the workplace in the framework of Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

The first result of the study is a report “The impact of ICT on job quality: evidence from 12 job profiles” which demonstrates how ICT affects non-office jobs in a profound way. The sector are: dairy farmer, machine operator, industrial designer, building electrician, transport clerk, car mechanic, police detective, VET teacher, property caretaker, doctor in a hospital, animator and desktop publisher.

The adoption of ICT affects each job profile in a complex process, and each job and industry have their own unique qualities and dynamics. However, looking across the job profiles, the report identifies some general, transversal findings, such as:

  • To provide access to technical information and databases
  • To support analysis, calculation and logistics/planning
  • To automate and monitor repetitive, routine tasks
  • To develop complex visual presentations
  • To communicate and share information efficiently with colleagues and partner

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