Digital Agenda and digital learning

The long journey

The European Digital Agenda of the European Commission is one of the 7 pillars of the Europe 2020  Strategy and proposes to better exploit the potential of ICTs in order to foster innovation, economic growth and progress across Europe. Today ICT is part of daily life for many Europeans, but some parts of the population are still excluded from media literacy in the digital environment: 30% of EU citizens have never used internet at all and, according to the Survey of Adult Skills (conducted by PIAAC – Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies- of OECD – 2012), one in four European adults lacks the skills to effectively use ICTs for problem solving. Further, despite being the ICT sector rapidly growing, creating around 120.000 new jobs every year, only 30% of the around 7 million people working in the IT are women, under-represented at all levels, especially in decision-making positions. And such a waste of talents, due to old-fashion gender discrimination, costs a lot to the growth and progress of Europe which the Digital Agenda is intended to pursue, as tech companies with more women in management have a 34% higher ROI (return of investment), according to the US National Center for Women and IT Fact Sheet.DLEARN promotes actions from the ground to address the challenges of the digital transformation, especially toward digital literacy and smart learning methodologies. It aims to give voice to local organizations and people helping them improving opportunities brought by the digital single market and boost growth and education.

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